There are actually two Sage servers running at a regular notebook server (like and a cell server (like Both run as virtual machines under VirtualBox on a 8-core Xeon server with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

The cell server

The Sage cell server gives you one cell to evaluate. You don’t need to create an account, log in, or anything – just type your Sage code and click “Evaluate” (or hit shift-enter).

The cell server gives you permalinks that you can use to refer to computations. You can also embed the cell server into other web pages; see this or this or this presentation I gave. There’s also documentation on the github page.

If you do embed this cell server into another page, please provide a link back to or mention the “KAIST Sage cell server”.

The notebook server

This is a regular Sage notebook server. It used to be called the “Memorial Day” server, but nowadays I just call it the KAIST Sage notebook server. If you would like a user account, just email me. Put “KAIST Sage server” somewhere in the subject line, and tell me what username you would like. My email address is

Again, if you are very serious about security, or just wondering why your browser complains about the SSL certificate, the correct certificate for the notebook server has serial number 1B:19:98:2E (454662190 if your browser converts to decimal), and MD5 fingerprint 43 C9 73 0C E4 5D 4B 74 1B E4 11 22 5D C2 68 B1. If you see those values, you can feel safe about telling your browser to accept the certificate.